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Baggage Policy

Bag a Baggage Deal

With our new baggage rates, the more you carry the more you save!

Starting 25th March 2019, we are giving you the freedom to carry even more. We have reduced our checked-in baggage rates and at the same time have increased the checked-in baggage allowance, meaning now you can bring more for less!

Pre-Paid Baggage Pricing Levels in USD.
0 – 23Kgs 8
24 – 32 Kgs 20


  • Pre-Paid Baggage is baggage that is paid for in advance by the passenger before their flight
  • Baggage paid for at the airport is double the Pre-Paid Baggage rates. We encourage you to book your baggage in advance.


What if I had already bought my baggage before 25th March 2019, will I have to pay extra?

No, your baggage will remain as it is and will not attract any extra baggage fees as the baggage rates are effective from the date of purchase, that is 25th March 2019.

What if I had already bought my baggage before 25th March 2019 and now the price has gone lower, will I be eligible for a refund?

No, we will not be refunding as the policy is effective from the date of purchase i.e. 25th March 2019.

What about Excess Baggage, does it change too?

No, the Excess Baggage fee will not be changing and will remain the same, that is, USD 4 per KG.