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Below is a comprehensive list of Jambojet fees for a variety of additional services such as extra luggage allocation and special assistance.

Name Cost in $ (USD)
Upto 23 Kgs of Checked/Prepaid Baggage 8
24 Kg - 32 Kgs of Checked/Prepaid Baggage 20
Excess baggage rate at the Airport 4
Seat Selection - Standard seat 4
Seat Selection - Aisle / Window seat 4
Seat Selection - Extra Leg-room 6
Blind (passenger assistance) 0
Deaf (passenger assistance) 0
Wheel chair cabin 0
Wheel chair ramp 0
Wheel Chair step 0
Diving equipment 21
Large Fishing equipment 51
Fishing equipment 21
Golf equipment 21
Surfing Equipment 21
Bicycle 21
Infant fees 5
Meet and Assist Fee 18
Unaccompanied Minor Fees 0
Unaccompanied Minor Late Arrival Fee (per hour) 20
Name Change fee (per passenger per journey) 20
Date Change fee 20
Service Charge (Call centre/Sales Office) 7
Price Lock 5

*Please note that these prices may be subject to change.
**A service charge may apply if services are obtained through call centre or at sales offices.
*Please note that any unbooked or additional baggage will be charged at a higher airport rate (double the published rates above).