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Off Chocks

Off Chocks is a CSR programme developed by Jambojet in 2016. Its objective is to carry out initiatives that positively impact stakeholders and more importantly the communities we serve as an airline. Our focus is on Education as the pillar of our CSR strategy. We chose education because of its ability to transform individual lives and entire communities. If properly executed, CSR projects anchored on education will give us the kind of results and impact we hope to achieve. Such projects may include construction of classrooms, dormitories, libraries and other amenities, as well as the purchase of books, computers and other learning materials and are not limited to the above.

Why Off Chocks?

The name Off Chocks is derived from the aviation term – “off chocks” or “chocks away,” meaning remove the chocks in front of the aircraft wheels, indicating ready to fly. It is Jambojet’s wish to help the students in the projects we support to be able to soar in their lives.

The Take off

We launched Off Chocks on our 2nd anniversary with a trip for 16 best performing girls and boys from Our Lady of Nazareth Primary School in Mukuru Kwa Njenga, Embakasi for a day’s outing to Mombasa.

For our 3rd Anniversary in 2017, we successfully completed the rehabilitation of a water tank and handed over the water project at Manda Primary School in Lamu.

In 2018, we sponsored two children from Our Lady of Nazareth Primary School for Secondary Education. They had flown with us on our 2nd anniversary as top performing students from their year. Both of them come from families that needed support and may not have attended to high school without Jambojet’s help. We continuously monitor their results and they write to us at the end of each term to tell us about their ongoing progress.

We thentook up an additional project in Ukunda (Mshiu Village), partnering with Kenya Kesho Trust to fund the construction of one extra classroom for the Kenya Kesho Primary School for Girls. Construction is expected to be completed by mid this year. Once completed, the school will consist of 10 classrooms, an administration block, a computer room, a library and ablution facilities.

Soaring high

In November 2018, we came across an article in one of the dailies regarding a primary school boy, Abraham John, from King’s Prince Royal School in Kitale. Abraham was formerly a street boy who scored 406 points in KCPE and was requesting for help from well-wishers to support his secondary school education. Kitale being one of the regions we faithfully serve, we decided to take up this project and support him.

This young man’s ambition to proceed to Lenana High School and later train as a pilot inspired us. Abraham managed to secure a place at his dream school and we will support him for 3 years based on good academic progress.

This year, 2019, we have once again sponsored 2 children from Our Lady of Nazareth Primary School to Secondary School. We will also sponsor another boy from the same school who scored well and was admitted to Kapenguria Boys Secondary School.

By supporting education we believe, we will be making a difference in the boys and girls lives at the most imperative level. This will allow them to bring change to their community starting with their families, in areas where several children have been slipping through the education net.