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Booking Policy


  1. The terms and conditions for Group Bookings are made up of (1) these terms and conditions for Group Bookings; (2) Jambojet terms and conditions.
  2. The general terms and conditions set out the terms relating to (but not only) check in time, boarding cards and changes to Bookings are set out there. If there is a clash between what these terms say and what the general terms and conditions say, then these terms are the ones that apply.
  3. The definitions from the general terms apply to these terms, plus the further Groups Booking specific definitions below.

Definitions used in these Group Booking terms

  • “Booker” means either the Group Booker or the Group coordinator who acts as agent for all Passengers in the Booking;
  • “Booking” means a Flight reservation;
  • “Group” means a single Booking for 10 persons or more;
  • “Group Booker” means a person who is at least 18 years of age and who makes a Group Booking for Flights on which he/she will be a Passenger;
  • “Group Booking” means any Booking made on behalf of a Group;
  • “Group Organizer” means a person who is at least 18 years of age or a business entity (e.g. a travel agent) who makes a Group Booking for Flights on which he/she/it will not be a Passenger;
  • “Group Passenger” means any Passenger on a Group Booking; and
  •  “PNR” means the Passenger name record to which all the information provided by the Group coordinator (passport/Names) is recorded.

Role of the Booker

  1. The Booker will be responsible for the Group Booking and accepts these terms and conditions as an agent on behalf of all the Passengers on the Booking. The Booker will be responsible for receiving and relaying any and all communications/correspondence (including changes, amendments and cancellations) from Us concerning the Booking to all Passengers named in the Booking
  2. The Booker also agrees and acknowledges that any other Passengers on the Booking may make subsequent changes to it, having passed through the requisite data protection security questions and confirmed to us that they have the Booker’s consent to make such changes. Acting in good faith upon the answers to our data protection security questions, we shall not be liable for having made such changes if, without our knowledge, the Booker’s consent had not been so given.

Making a Booking

  1. Bookings for Groups of up to 10 Passengers can be made through our Groups Desk. Email
  2. Bookings for larger groups of 10 persons or more can only be made by calling Our Groups customer services team on 0736 111 174. This fee will be quoted at the time of the Group Booking, and is to be paid in advance so as to reserve the seats required. Block booking is not permitted for bulk tickets.

Completing the Manifest

  1. In addition to a Confirmation Document, We will send the Booker a PNR by email to confirm the details on the same to being in order within a span of 1hours (One free change) Any changes to the PNR after the said time frame will be subject to Our Fees and Charges
  2. We are not responsible for any losses suffered by Passengers who miss Flights if you do not board.
  3. We need to confirm all Passenger details within 40min before the Flight for safety reasons. Cancellation will be effected on any Group Bookings whose information has not been fully and accurately supplied in the PNR. If we have to cancel, refunds are as per our terms and conditions.